Mexico may be option for Perma-Finish again

By Yvette Armendariz
The Arizona Republic
Oct. 27, 2002

For Perma-Finish, Mexico may again be an option, even after a difficult first time.

The Phoenix-based powder-coating company set up shop in Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso in May 1995.

"The greatest need (then) was for stampers and powder coaters, and we heard the call from way over here," company President Angel Castellano said. "We approached an existing customer on it, and they were instrumental in putting us in there."

The customer provided equipment to lease and ended up as Perma-Finish's "shelter," a term commonly used for companies that oversee the administrative issues, such as permits and moving product across the border, for foreign companies in Mexico.

"We were even renting the labor from our shelter group to make the transition easier," he said.

But they learned the shelter wasn't very good.

"It was their first time sheltering. . . . For our part, we went there totally unprepared administratively and financially, but we were very good at powder coating," he said.

Castellano said fees kept creeping up that made the venture more expensive than originally conceived.

"I really aged in those three or four years (in Mexico), but it was a real valuable experience," he said.


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