Expert Applicators of Permabond® powder coat finishes serving manufacturers across the United States.

Perma-Finish, Inc., applicators of high performance powder coatings in high volume and specializing in large production runs for manufacturers of consumer products, automotive, architectural, clean rooms, construction, residential, commercial, electronic cabinetry.

In addition, PFI offers services ranging from product staging, kan ban inventory management, min-max material flow, integrated supply chain, prototyping and local pick up and delivery.

Perma Graphics is the process of integrating high definition permanent photo imaging, design graphics and text into coated surfaces for use in product identification, functional text, and decorative purposes.

Established in 1986   Members of the Dupont Star Coaters Committee
52,000 square feet under roof   Members of The Powder Coating Institute
Largest independent Powder Coating facility in the Southwestern United States.   Members of The Grand Canyon Minority Supplier Development Council
Four volume application lines with in line spray-wash   Members of The Small Business Association
Graduates of the APS AAAME Business Education Academy      
Certified with Tiger Drylac to coat series 28 powders      


 Perma-Finish, Inc. 74 North 45th Avenue Phoenix Arizona 85043 (602) 278-1733 Fax: (602) 278-4671

"Your product isn't finished until it's perma-finished."