Our Projects


Location                                                                          Color                                  Year Coated

Giants stadium San Francisco                                      Traffic green                      Drink/Hand rails 2019

Penske Phoenix                                                              Ultramarine/Sky blue       Store front 2018

Intel Fab 42 Chandler                                                    ScotchKote Green             Grating 2012

Phoenix Children’s Hospital                                        Tan                                      Sheet Metal Fascia 2011

Phoenix Civic Plaza                                                       Green                                  Awnings 2010

Sky Harbor Car Rental                                                  Bonded Anodize Silver    window frames 2009

Sky Harbor Car Rental                                                  Vulcan Black                     Security fence 2006

Phoenix Civic Plaza                                                       Rust                                     hand rails, signage 2005

University of Phx Stadium                                           Sliver and Red                   Hand rails 2005

GrandAve/59th underpass, Glendale                           Hunter Green                     Railing planters 2005

Phoenix Municipal Stadium                                         Athletic Green                   Stadium seats 2003

United Airways Arena                                                   Phoenix Sky White           Video wall, wall panels 2000

Chase Field, Phoenix                                                     DBack Beige                      Roll-up doors luxury suites 1999

Gila Indian Casino                                                         Burnt Orange                     Ceiling strut 1995

Lou Grubb Ford, Scottsdale                                         Ford Blue                            Window framing 1990

Powel Volvo, Scottsdale                                               Orange                                Window framing 1989

Orangetree Golf Resort, Phoenix                                 Green                                  Window framing 1987